Horowitz, Phinehas

   German rabbi. He was born in Czortkow, Poland, and served as a rabbi in Witkowo and Lachowicze. In 1771 he became a rabbi in Frankfurt am Main. He was an opponent of the Haskalah movement and criti-cized Moses Mendelssohn's German translation of the Pentateuch and its commentary. His Haphlaah consists of novellae on parts of the Talmud.

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  • HOROWITZ, PHINEHAS (Pinhas) BEN ẒEVI HIRSCH HA-LEVI — (1730–1805), German rabbi. Horowitz was born in Czortkow, Poland, where his father was rabbi. He studied first under his father and then under his two brothers, Nahum (introduction to the Shevet Aḥim) and samuel shmelke horowitz , later rabbi of… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HOROWITZ, PHINEHAS BEN ISRAEL HA-LEVI — (1535–1618), talmudic scholar; leader of the Cracow community. Horowitz was apparently born in Prague and died in Cracow. He never held the post of rabbi. From 1581, for many years he was head of the Cracow community, and in the takkanot of that… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HOROWITZ, ẓEVI HIRSCH BEN PHINEHAS HAL-EVI — (d. 1817), German rabbi and author. Horowitz was born in Poland and was called to Frankfurt by his father phinehas ha levi horowitz to help him in the conduct of his yeshivah. On the death of his father in 1805 he succeeded him as rabbi of… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HOROWITZ — HOROWITZ, a family of rabbis and scholars that also included writers, communal workers, and personalities active in all spheres of Jewish life. The Horowitz s were levites. The family originated in the 15th century, taking its name from the small …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HOROWITZ, ẒEVI JOSHUA BEN SAMUEL SHMELKE — (1735?–1816), East European rabbi. Horowitz appears to have been born in Nikolsburg. He married the daughter of phinehas ha levi horowitz , author of the Hafla ah. From 1781 to 1786 he was rabbi of Jamnitz, Moravia, from 1786–1800 in Trebitsch… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HOROWITZ, DAVID — (1899–1979), Israel economist. Born in Drohobycz (then Austrian Galicia), Horowitz was active in …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HOROWITZ, ISRAEL ZE'EV — (1880–1918), Palestinographer. Horowitz was born in Tiberias, the son of R. Phinehas Horowitz, and was educated at yeshivot in Jerusalem. In the late 1900s he began a large work, Meḥkerei Ereẓ Avoteinu ( Studies of the Land of our Fathers ), of… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HOROWITZ, JACOB JOKEL BEN MEIR HA-LEVI — (1680–1755), Galician rabbi. Horowitz father, Meir, served as rabbi of various Galician communities from 1696 to 1718 and died c. 1743. In 1711 Jacob Jokel was elected to succeed him as rabbi of Bolechow. In 1735 he was appointed rabbi of Brody.… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HOROWITZ, SAMUEL SHMELKE OF NIKOLSBURG — (1726–1778), rabbi and kabbalist in Poland and Galicia. Samuel was the elder brother of Phinehas b. Ẓevi Hirsch Horowitz and in their youth both were among the disciples of dov baer the Maggid of Mezhirech. Samuel, who did much to spread Ḥasidism …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • HAHN (Nordlingen), JOSEPH YUSPA BEN PHINEHAS SELIGMANN — (1570–1637), German rabbi and author. Hahn spent all his life in Frankfurt. He was present during the fettmilch riots, the subsequent expulsion of the Jews from the city in 1614, and their triumphant return two years later after Fettmilch was… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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